Meet the team

The love of a companion animal is a powerful healer and one that we believe everyone should experience despite having a busy lifestyle. Our team seamlessly steps in when needed to provide your pet with love, comfort, and exercise; while also providing you with peace of mind and relief when you’re juggling the realities of life. Not just dogs, we care for animals of all species, to include farm animals. We are caring, fun, and flexible and treat your pets as if they were our own.

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Jen sitting with her dog on a rock



In 2010 I adopted my first dog as an adult, Piper Jett, and yes she is named after the plane! At the time I had an established career in cosmetics, but little did I know within two years that would all change because of Piper. The bond I built with her catapulted me into learning as much as I could about canine psychology, communication, and health. I was inspired to learn her language so that we could communicate better and deepen our bond. I enrolled in the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and upon returning home I began working as a vet tech at The Animal Hospital of Carrboro. My experience there led me to sitting on the side and before I knew it in 2015 Laughing Dog was born and I had a new full time passion.  Whether I am in a training session, a mid day walk, a kitty or exotic visit, I approach every animal with patience and confidence. Our beloved companions are emotional beings just like us and the connections we make with them can be deeper than you could ever imagine. I am so lucky and honored to be trusted and loved by so many animals of all species. I hope to welcome you to the pack soon! 

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Pet Sitter

Hi! My name is Betsy and I have worked in animal hospitals for over 4 years, and currently I am full time at The Animal Hospital of Carrboro as well as sitting with Laughing Dog. I am passionate about veterinary medicine, and I have a deep love and respect for animals of all kinds! I am experienced with medications, and I have a passion for senior pets. I have a 6 year old lab mix named Rodney, and a 2 year old guinea pig named Cocoa. I grew up in a family who showed me how we should love and care for animals, and I have had the privilege of caring for many different pets over the years to include snakes, spiders, parakeets, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, and lizards. I love all animals as if they were my own, and I will provide the best care for all pets I am entrusted with.

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puppy Extraordinaire

I’m Zelda and I love to go to work with my mom! I’m a pretty laid back lady that likes to meet new pups and explore new things. Don’t worry you’ll come off too strong when we meet, I’m a professional and I always keep my cool. My hobbies are rolling on dead frogs, showing off ALL my skills for a treat, and terrorizing my big sister. I enjoy long walks on the beach on Ocracoke Island but I’ll settle for a street walk if that’s all a girl can get! Hope to meet you soon! Peace, love, and paws y’all!