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Laughing Dog

Pet Care + Training

We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic animal professionals that provide high quality and personalized care for the modern pet parent. We believe having the love of a companion animal is a powerful healer. Our mission is to help you cultivate the strongest bond possible with your pet.

Our Services

Dog training

With positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and canine communication, we will build a custom training program that will help you to be a calm leader of your pack so your dog can be confident and relaxed.

dog walking

Whether your pup requires a solo walk, a pack walk, or a hike to burn extra energy, our services are flexible, reliable, and fun, providing your pup with stress relieving exercise, socializing, and companionship.

Pet Sitting

We know it can be tough leaving a pet at home while working long hours or traveling, but we’re here to step in and take over the snuggles until you get back!


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