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We are  Carrboro + Chapel Hill based dog trainers + pet sitters devoted to providing YOU, the modern pet parent, with high quality and individualized care.  We believe having the love of a companion animal is a powerful healer. Our mission is to help you cultivate the strongest bond possible with your pets through canine psychology, communication, and a whole animal holistic approach.

Our offerings

private training sessions

Our private 1 hour training sessions are designed for you and your dog and can be held at your home, our day training site, or in public. We teach you all about canine psychology, communication, and how to train from a whole dog holistic approach. We will show you how to make training second hand and naturally apart of your everyday life by teaching your dog boundaries, giving them structure, and deepening your bond. $150 an hour.

puppy classes

We have 2 classes designed to get you started training with your pup whether they are 9 weeks old or 9 months. We focus on play + trains, kids + canine safety, foundation and communication building, and continue to layer on every day life skills that every pup needs to live their best life (and make yours easier!). We also share our favorite products, tools, and tricks and will send you home with a puppy training guide for added support whenever you need it. Each class is designed for 4 weeks with 1 class per week, usually on Saturdays and our held at our day training site in Chapel Hill.

Pet Sitting

We know it can be tough leaving a pet at home while working long hours or traveling, but we’re here to step in and take over the snuggles until you get back!
Not just dogs and cats, we're experienced in many exotics and farm animals!


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